Years ago the Rio Grande valley was formed by the separation of enormous tectonic plates .  On the eastern side, the plate shifted back and tilted to form the Sandia Mountains. On the western side, the earth ripped open to create the Tierra Amarilla Anticline.

Ride into an area where ancient sea beds, once deep within the earth, are now revealed as painted deserts and gypsum formations in a geological wonderland.

Tour Length:
   3 hours

​Please note:  The White Mesa tour contains some technical sections.  Novice riders are welcome, but may need to walk​​ through some areas.

 Add one and a half hours to tour length for round trip transportation.
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4 people  $400   |    3 people  $350   |    2 people  $300   |    1 person  $250
White Mesa
Please note that maximum tour size is currently four (4) people.  Prices include tax.
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An abbreviated White Mesa tour can be added to the Ruins Tour at the following prices:
4 people $475   |    3 people $425    |    2 people $375    |    1 person $325
Ruins &
White Mesa
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