Few places boast the scenic marvels
​​and ​​magnificent landscapes of the Land
​​of ​​Enchantment.  And few places in New
​Mexico can compare with the rugged ​beauty of Ojito.  Painted deserts, high
​mesas, and sandstone cliffs conceal ​ancient ruins, petroglyphs, fossils and wild horses. Volcanic necks dominate the vistas, and folds in the earth reveal layers of ages past.  ​New Mexico Mountain Bike Tours invites you to join us as we enter this incredible landscape.​​

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New Mexico Mountain Bike Tours
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Just bring yourself and a sense of adventure! 

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​You've heard it said that getting there is half the fun. Well, NM Mountain Bike Tours has teamed up with NM Jeep Tours to make that a reality. Your bike tour guides are also drivers for NM Jeep, so every mountain bike tour starts with a short Jeep tour to get you to the trail head. Hey, you have to get there somehow.
​Why not do it in style?

Transportation provided by New Mexico Jeep Tours
of the
Tours are currently suspended until further notice.  We are sorry for any inconvenience this may cause.